The Whisky Chair Wins Eco Prize


One of our top finds at the 100% East Design Show was David Trujillo-Farley’s Whisky Chair. So we are very happy to see that it has just been awarded the Scottish Eco-Trust prize for creativity. Like the Pioneer Malt Speakers the chair is made from the oak panels of old whisky barrels. The Eco-Trust was impressed by the designer’s intention to ‘explore the possibility of creating a sustainable industry on Islay from a native industrial waste material.’ We are impressed by the beautifully simple form and high quality of the craftsmanship. The Californian designer, who is now based in Scotland, says that ‘the challenge was to move beyond the barrel shape, while using minimal energy throughout the transformation.’ To read more about David’s work you can read his interview in Skinny Mag. Thanks to Guy Scott for the tip. Images by John K. McGregor and Jan Eckert courtesy of David Trujillo-Farley. ::100% East :: Postartefact