The KI Daylight Chair: Made of Recycled Car Parts


Somehow we seem to have missed this one, 'til now. The Daylight chair by KI has a seat and back fashioned from 100% recycled car battery plastic (from Japan), and some of the mesh in the seats was once car seat belts. Now while car batteries might be on the heavy side, the Daylight weighs in under 4kg (9lb), making it, we are told, about 40% lighter than most stacking chairs on the market. Not only a boon to those packing up after an event, but a worthy reduction in materials consumption. Plus its design allows for 40 or so to be piled onto a transport dolly. The reason we noticed the Daylight was because the new Phoenix Convention Center has just acquired 7,000 of them, with another 21,000 more to come. That’s a heap of car batteries saved from a trip to the landfill. ::KI, via The Arizona Republic.