The Julianica Chair


Wow...just when we thought we'd seen the pinnacle of recycled car seats turned into chairs with Anthony Pagani's Old Faithful-winning Audi driver's seat/office chair. This four-headed monster is the work of Javier Sanchez Merina, an architect and architectural design teacher at the University of Alicante in Spain. Apparently, after discovering that used BMW seats could be had for cheap from a local junkyard, he simply added an articulated joint and a couple of wheels, and the rest is history. The joint allows for a wide variety of configurations, from all four side-by-side to two each face-to-face to a round table of sorts, and the electric controls on each seat obliges the needs of each user with a custom "ride." We have to admire the remarkable ingenuity and versatility; even if it's a little industrial for everyday use. Quite an accomplishment nonetheless; more pics are available here. via ::Edgar Gonzalez Blog