The Desk Is A State Of Mind (Video)

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Herman Miller desk credit imaginary forces

Desks, offices and the future of work are common topics of discussion around our virtual water cooler. Our own desks vary widely (see them in a slideshow here) and sometimes we don't have one at all.

Creative agency Imaginary Forces makes a strong case for the desk in a beautiful little film made for L|Studio, one of "An inspirational series that looks at how the shapes of everyday objects affect people in different ways."

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George Nelson 1952, model 4658

Alice Twemlow reminds us of the attempts in the 90s to get rid of the private desk, but calls it a "failed social experiment." She suggests that the desk is protection, both emotional and physical, and says "It's a reflection of my mind. The film presents a number of designers:

We talked to experts Alice Twemlow, Eric Abrahamson, Massimo Vignelli, David Miller, Kurt Andersen, Søren Kjær, Alfred Stadler, Jennifer Lai, and Ben Bajorek and creates an historical and relevant film about the relationship between the worker and the desk and how this reflects on personality and habits.

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Although even Twemlow, in the last words, admits that "probably, what's going to happen in the future is that the desk becomes a state of mind rather than an actual physical place."

Watch it at imaginary forces via Kottke
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