The ArchiMeda Desk Effortlessly Moves From Sitting To Standing

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I have been using a standing desk for over a year, but recently started running again, and am finding in painful to stand for so long afterwards. Now Greg at Workalicious shows the answer to my prayers: The Vitra ArchiMeda desk, that " includes a powered lift device that controls the work-surface height. It can be adjusted very rapidly from sitting height to standing height without disturbing your work in progress or your cabled accessories."

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Vitra tells us that it is healthier:

Tests have shown that it is healthy to switch between sitting and standing when working. A recommended combination of 50% sitting, 25% standing and 25% movement not only reduces back problems and tension, it also promotes circulation and of course levels of activity and motivation.

Other TreeHugger writers have noted that it is hard to stand all of the time. But many of us have external monitors and keyboards and it is inconvenient to just pick up a notebook and move around. The Archimeda solves the problem elegantly, like all of Vitra's designs.

vitra standing desk archimeda image

ArchiMeda is a height-adjustable desk that brings a healthy mix of sitting and standing options into the executive office. The large, fine wood veneered table top rests on the scissor lifting mechanism, the height of which can be adjusted electronically....The mechanically synchronised scissor lifting mechanism on gliders enables easy height adjustment of 68 to 113 cm in just 9 seconds.

It is designed by Alberto Meda, who has worked with just about everyone: Alias, Alessi, Cinelli, Colombo design, Ideal Standard, Luceplan, Legrand, Mandarina Duck, Omron Japan, Philips, Olivetti and Vitra.

vitra standing desk archimeda image

I want one. More at Vitra
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