Take out your aggressions on Whackpack Furniture

creepie stool
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Being a family friendly website, I can't use the clever title that Fast Company did to describe the marriage of flatpack furniture with a big heavy mallet: Whackpack.

It is time to wave goodbye to nuts, bolts, screws, dowels, allen keys, smaller allen keys, fiddly bits and badly drawn instructions with accompanying text written by the Swedish Chef.

It's a simple idea; you just bang it together. Irish designer Brendan Magennis is bringing this little stool to market and just reached his Kickstarter goal; he tells Fast Company:

We use a technique in Japanese joinery called the 'stopped wedge joint' known universally, but we much prefer the Japanese term of the 'Hell Joint.' Once it goes in, it doesn't come out!

Magennis first designed Whackpack as a school project at Bucks New University and told Dezeen back in 2011:

Whackpack Furniture is a flatpack inspired creation aimed for today’s nomadic lifestyles and shrinking apartments sizes. It is designed to fashion a new way for the consumer to construct furniture using wooden, a mallet and satisfying strength.

Those nomads moving apartments may have more trouble getting the furniture apart than they did getting it together, but at least it is solid and designed to be durable. More at Whackpack.

Take out your aggressions on Whackpack Furniture
It's like flatpack without the fasteners; you just bang it together with the big mallet that's harder to lose than an Allen key.

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