Table That Doubles As Bike Stand Could Do Yet More

pit in bike table photo

Image credit Store Muu

PIT IN is a clever table with a built in bike rack, so you never have to find a place to put your bike when you hit the café. The Designers STORE MUU say that it is "a table for a bicycle whose saddle functions as a chair. Sitting on the saddle of bicycle,for example, you can take a coffee break,check e-mails by lap-top, and so on."

But I think they are missing a real opportunity.

pit in bike table photo

It is one thing to be comfortable and have a coffee, but imagine if you could actually pedal and get a workout while you work.

bike trainer add on pit in photo

Imagine if they built a trainer into it. you could work all day and get exercise too, like a treadmill desk. THAT would be interesting, and a lot more stable. More at StoreMUU, via Laughing Squid.
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