Studioandolina's Bamboo Finery


Dedicated to the use of renewable wood sources, Studioandolina focuses on bamboo for the creation of a series of clean, modern tables. Founded by Seattle designer Gary Andolina in 2005 after a stint as a sculptor and teacher, the studio pays great attention to details, materials and construction to create the tables one at a time. The minimal designs brings the materials front and center and let the beauty of the bamboo shine. Though Adonlina is focusing on a series of tables for now, a series of lighting is reportedly next on the list; prices range from $300 for a pair of small side tables, to $650 for a sofa/entry table or a large coffee table and require a lead time of two weeks. We think we'd probably wait two months for one of these beauties. ::Studioandolina via ::Apartment Therapy: San Francisco

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