Versatile Sofa With Storage Is Made From Recycled Wooden Pallets

aparte recycled pallet sofaAparte/via

Reused wooden pallets are popping up in designs everywhere nowadays, but there's debate as to whether they're "palletable" or not. It's a tricky subject, but with this clean-looking two-seater, French firm Aparte has a simple solution: paint it black and voilà, recycled chic.

aparte recycled pallet sofaAparte /via

Nicknamed "Woodstock," this canapé is intended to be something that could be produced for the larger market:

Woodstock is a sofa, born of participation in the project of Villa Waste in Nantes, whose manufacture requires only recycled materials and offers the possibility of a product reproducible in series. Woodstock fits perfectly into the design of a policy advocated by Aparte.

Made from recycled wood pallets, the sofa is accompanied by two satellites for from two to four seats. Waste recovery, as the reduction of living space are the two issues that have inspired its design.

aparte recycled pallet sofaAparte/via

aparte recycled pallet sofaAparte/via

It's definitely an appreciated departure from the rougher designs we've seen executed in the recycled pallet arena, and with the sofa's modern lines, coupled with the neat idea of tucking away extra seating / footrests, plus storage, it makes this piece a versatile and smart response to the millions of pallets out there waiting to be recycled into something more stylish.

See more of Aparte's eco-friendly designs on their website.

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