String Theory: Minimalist Furniture Held Together By Hemp Rope

For designers, tension is a wonderful thing; you can replace a whole lot of material with just a ratchet strap or wire. Dutch designer Toon Welling does it with hemp rope, designing a line of furniture with FSC certified HPL multiplex and hemp rope.

The designer writes:

Bound Basics is a line of furniture entirely held together by rope. Their design was inspired by the sculptural works of Kenneth Snelson and Santiago Calatrava. What is immediately apparent about their sculptures is their underlying structural strategies, their ‘tensegrity’. A term coined by Buckminster Fuller, tensegrity is short for tensional integrity. Binding parts in a web of tightened wire or cable, an elegant and stable construct emerges.

Entirely held together by the tensional force of the tautened cord, these structures project a deceptive simplicity and inherent strength. A series of exploratory tensegrity models soon developed into ideas for the Bound Basics, a furniture line that uses ropes instead of nails or screws and investigates the structural advantages of tensegrity.

I wonder what you do when the string stretches a bit. There probably is a tightening mechanism somewhere....Found on Dezeen.

String Theory: Minimalist Furniture Held Together By Hemp Rope
Dutch designer Toon Welling makes Bound Basic furniture as simple as it can be.

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