Stilvoll's Standup Desk: The (Video) Remake



My favourite thing at ICFF 2008 was the gorgeous Stilvoll adjustable standup desk; beautifully made of sustainably harvested woods, built to last forever and adjust from desk to standup height. It was also the very first thing I ever filmed, and I did a terrible job, eliciting comments like:

Was the cameraman smitten with the demonstrator? Saw much of his lovely face, but little of the stunning desk he was presenting...

I thought I owed them a remake.

I did a slightly better job, still trying to deal with the ambient noise and getting in too close, so now you get either his hands or his face. For next year I promise to take a film course, and to get a separate microphone. Or a real photographer.


For those who can't afford the real thing, (it starts at over US$ 4,000) they now sell architectural models.


As I wrote last year,

Stilvoll of Germany makes one of the nicer stand-up desks I have seen, that has an unusual method of height adjustment, a pop-up sloping writing desk, pullouts and hidden trays, cable management and absolutely stunning workmanship. When my feet recover from this trip I want one.

More information at Stilvoll and Stilvoll's Amazing Transformer Stand-up Desk
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