Standing Desk Add-On Is a Low-Cost Way to Stand at Work

We've featured a lot of standing desks here, and talked a lot about their health benefits, most of which come from the fact that sitting is terrible for you. But buying a new desk when you already own one is not only expensive, it's wasteful. That's what makes Pace McCulloch's Stand-Up Desk Kit so great: It's a mini desk that goes on top of your current work space to raise it to standing height.

The design comes with legs made from recyclable ABS plastic that adjust the height of the unit from 12" to 17" up. The top is made from MDF composite wood and measures 47" x 23" x 1", so you do lose some space. It's a simple, smart design that eliminates one major obstacle to making the standing desk catch on: cost. (The other is laziness/common work habits.)

To bring the Stand-Up Desk Kit to market, McCulloch has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $31,000. A $250 pledge by July 21 will get you one if the project is successful; McCulloch expects them to retail for $300. That's still a decent amount of money, but I have to say it looks a good deal more professional (and stable) than my current setup:

standing desk alex davies treehugger© Alex Davies

Standing Desk Add-On Is a Low-Cost Way to Stand at Work
An adjustable height desk add-on can give you a standing desk in no time.

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