Stackable Dresser Drawers Grow With Your Kid

tree cabinetChigo/Promo image

So often, children's furniture is particle board crap that barely lasts long enough for the kid to outgrow it; that's what happens when you try to put screws into mush. But if you pay a lot for something that lasts, what if it is no longer an appropriate design? In Japan, you can buy this cabinet called TREE, which has a clever solid ash leg design that lets you stack one unit on top of another.

Tree UnitChigo/Promo image
The units are built of solid white ash, and look like they are built to last. (and at 81,900 yen each, about a thousand bucks, they better). I don't think they are necessarily only for kids, it is a good idea for anyone.

Chigo DetailChigo/Promo image

More at Chigo, via Doornob

Stackable Dresser Drawers Grow With Your Kid
Buy as much as you need when you need them, or just rearrange them- your choice.

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