Sparkling Chair Made of PET and Air, Just Like a Water Bottle! by Marcel Wanders


The most eco-friendly material to make furniture is probably the one we don't use (no material, no ecological footprint so to say)... so what about air? We have featured a series of inflatable items, such as inflatable solar panels, an inflatable house or glowing inflatable furniture, because the simple fact that they use a minimum amount of resources, can be easily flat-packed and weight very little makes them pretty environmentally friendly products. So what about Marcel Wanders' new Sparkling Chair, designed for Magis and launched in Milan this year... can we label it as a green design?


Sparkling Chair in Milan. Images by Marcel Wanders

The Sparkling Chair is produced using an unusual technique for furniture making, however a very common manufacturing process to make water bottles: blow moulding. It is made of 100% PET, which makes it fully recyclable, although of course we would prefer if it was made from already recycled plastic. After blow moulding the legs and the seat, the hollow space is filled with high-pressure air to strengthen the components. The result is a minimal use of material (plastic in this case) and a fairly lightweight chair; around 1kg. Furthermore, the chair can be disassembled for transportation as the legs are simply screwed onto the seat. The smaller volume and weight reduces its carbon footprint.

Here is what Wanders (see also Swing With The Plants and Stand In Front Of This Microwave) has to say about it:

It has been prophesized, "Mankind will find its future floating on the breath of little children." They will blow air into the world like the world breathes life into the living. They will celebrate their birthdays with insatiable only children can. They will fill their lungs with the most precious of all elements, air, and instead of blowing out their candles, they will exhale with mechanical force filling a form with their breath - freezing it in weightlessness.
One day we will be able to understand and use all powers this planet gives to us. We will understand what the true nature of nature is. We will find the beauty in the seemingly contradictory nature of the elements. We will see the softness of iron, the lightness of stone, the power and strength of air.
I give you Sparkling as a name, not to make a reference to sparkling waters, nor sparkling sunrays on your skin, I name you Sparkling because inside you there is a little star, a little large light, a glow in the dark, a direction and a destination, for us to follow.

::Marcel Wanders ::Magis
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