Sofa for One: Emir Chair by Lars Urheim and Trøkk16


Starting with the idea to make a contemporary, sustainable alternative to traditional upholstered furniture, Lars Urheim and Norwegian firm Trøkk16 (mostly) succeeded with the design and creation of "Emir". Designed as a "sofa for one", Emir is created from natural latex foam, sustainable wood, wool fabric and woolen felt, and the classic, Scandanavian-inspired chair just begs to be sat in. We noted late last year that Norwegian design is beginning to emerge from the shadows of its older, more well-known Scandinavian neighbors to establish its own aesthetic, and we're liking what we see.


Among the chair's charms, according to designer Urheim, is that "the materials breathe, and return to their original state even after many years use. At time of disposal, the different components can be separated for further treatment like degradation, reuse and recycling." Though the biodegradable wool is not a bad choice, we'd love to see something like Cradle to Cradle upholstery to bump it up another eco-notch; recycled steel would put it over the top. Still, the chair's design and eco-accomplishments are both worth noting; learn more about Trøkk16 from their website. ::Trøkk16

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