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Douglas Green has been building furniture in Portland, Maine since 1993 under the name Green Design, and he has been living up to his name when it comes to the way he designs and builds.

Green manufacturing to us means creating designs that endure - structurally and artistically - to last for generations, without harming either the environment or the people that make or use them. Our work is done using domestically grown solid wood, logged following sustainable forestry guidelines. Whenever possible, our manufacturing waste products are recycled or repurposed.

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It is nice stuff too, substantial and solid, beautifully put together. He understands that it is not just what something is made of, but how it is designed and how long will it last. he writes:

Currently, the standard for evaluating the greenness of a piece of furniture concerns itself with the materials that goes into the manufacturing of a product.

*Was it harvested or extracted in a conscientious way?
*How much energy or petrochemical product was required to transport and/or convert it into a finished product?
*Do the materials or finishes cause physical harm or illness to the people that use it?

Equally significant yet frequently omitted from the equation, are the factors that include the wider societal impact of a design. These aspects of socially responsible design include the environmental impact but also consider a more holistic view of the wider issues surrounding the life cycle of a design.

*Does the product continue to create waste, pollution or harm to the environment in its use?
*Does the manufacturing process harm or exploit the people that made it?
*Is it well made, efficient and functional to use?
*Is it designed to be easily maintained? At the end of its useful life, will it be easy to dispose of in a safe manner?
*Does the company act in a socially responsible way? Does it provide for and protect its employees? Is it a good member of the community?

And, much of it is flatpack! Watch Doug put this bench together.

All these years, I have seen an ad in the New Yorker every week for this stuff and never once had a look. I am glad Doug Green showed up at Greenbuild and I finally saw it. More at Green Design Furniture

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