Snap: Colorful clamps turn found materials into DIY furniture (Video)

Snap by Be-elastic
© Snap by Be-elastic

For people who move around a lot, having large pieces of furniture can be a real hassle. Of course, one can always make new furniture in one's new place of residence -- but this can be difficult too without the right tools. This recurring dilemma is what prompted Barcelona designers Maria Roca and Erika Biarnes of Be-elastic to create Snap, a set of clip-on metal legs that can transform any flat material or found object into a table, without screws, glue or drilling. See it in action:

SNAP BY BE-ELASTIC from Be-elastic on Vimeo.

Snap by Be-elastic© Snap by Be-elastic
Snap by Be-elastic© Snap by Be-elastic

The duo, who met in university, came up with the design to solve an issue they encountered while on the move. They tell Dezeen:

We lived separately in different countries for a while. During our travels, we had both experienced frustration about the rigidity of furniture, which didn't adapt to changes in our lifestyle. We started to think about the possibility of having a leg that can be put on and taken off easily. We began designing with a deck of cards, clips and a coat hanger; eventually we came up with our first prototype.

Snap by Be-elastic© Snap by Be-elastic

What they finally came up with looks a bit like an oversized paperclip that's bent at the top to create a flexible clamp that can adjust to a range between one to four centimeters (0.3 to 1.5 inches). After a flat material is inserted between the epoxy-coated clamp, it is secured with a PVC-coated cable that attaches to the clamp on one end and is strung through a hole in the clamp structure at the other end.

Snap by Be-elastic© Snap by Be-elastic

It's a clever idea, allowing anyone without power tool skills to transform flat materials of any shape into a functional surface, or even shelving. The designers say that with four Snap legs put together, it can bear up to 98 kilograms (216 pounds) of weight, as long as the board used is also strong enough. The extra cable is vital to the design:

The key for its stability is the solution found on the clamping system, combining the flexible metallic piece with the cable. Although at the end, the secret ingredient is the cable. A well-tightened cable is what gives the strength to Snap – and obviously the metallic part must be rigid as well.

Snap by Be-elastic© Snap by Be-elastic
Snap by Be-elastic© Snap by Be-elastic

To boost the visual "pop" and ability to mix and match with various found materials, Snap comes in a variety of contrasting colours for the metal legs and cables. This idea could be a boon to itinerant nomads everywhere in need of a quick and easy solution for an unfurnished living space, turning discarded materials into serviceable furniture. Snap is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, see more over at Be-elastic.

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