Sleek and simple coffee table is inspired by paper clips

This simple and sleek table ticks all the boxes. It's portable, collapsible, and multi-purpose. And it's good looking too.

Created by Polish designer Jan Kochanski, the clip table is a coffee table. In the words of the designer it is "combination of minimal structure and maximum functionality."

The table top is made of oak, and the base is bent steel tubing. The humble paper clip was the inspiration for the base of the table.

First seen at design milk, the top and bottom come apart and the top can be used separately as a tray. When not being used it makes a piece of modern art when hung on the wall.

The designer has his studio in Warsaw Poland. He served as an intern with Karim Rashid so we know that this is a man to watch. His other ideas include an outdoor rocking bench and a sculpture which won a Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prize.

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