SIT UP, Sustainable Seats and Their Making Offs By [re]design


The exhibition SIT UP at this year’s 100%design in London clearly stood out from the rest of the stuff. [re]design, who impressed us last year with Good & Gorgeous?, chose to expose 16 eco sustainable seats and their manufacturing process. Each chair was chosen for combining the ‘the fundamentals of seating design – user comfort, quality and style – with a passion for sustainability’. What was really interesting to see, apart from the finished designs, were the stories of each seat. From the idea to the development, the production until its use, each chair told their story with videos, tools and photographs. A wide range of sustainable approaches became visible. The mix of famous and less famous designer resulted in a large variety of eco-friendly seats, something for every bum.

The show exhibited for example the RD4 chair we featured in detail before. Cohda makes it from domestic HDPE waste and their brilliant video of how they hand-make it was truly fascinating to watch. (Pleeease put the video online soon).

It was also great to see Christopher Cettle’s Grownup stool and how it really grows. And we really liked the beautiful Your Stool 2 designed by Ryuichi Tabu.

This new aesthetics is the result of making use of digital production in order to establish a stronger connection between the designer and the consumer through the product. How? The seat grows with the owner: from a rocking horse, to a see-saw, to a full-backed rocking chair. First the consumer interacts in an online story with the final design of the product, and later assembles it by hand. This eliminates the need for screw or glue and you get to make some real design decisions. Tabu says ‘its multifunctional and customisable design stimulates the user’s imagination and creates an emotional bond with the product. Its combination of a new aesthetic and efficient production (CNC cutting of sustainably sourced plywood) addresses both ecological and human aspects of sustainability.’

For lounging seats, check out the Cocochair made from coconut husk coir fibres rubberised with natural latex, natural latex foam and wool textile, or Max the stylish roll top bath that has become a sofa.

Amongst the office chairs, Joy by Orangebox is taking on Steelcase chairs with its design for easy disassembly and recycling, and Poly-Morph is bringing new life into those old polypropylene chairs, decorating them beautifully with bugs.

Oh, and if you get a chance to run your fingers through Rocky The Rocking Sheep, do! The rocking seat by Sam Murat promotes the use of British ‘yeti’ sheepskin, a luxurious local resource.

All designers are listed on the [re]design web site and the book which gives great inside information about each design. SIT UP is published by [re]design, ISBN 978-0-9557129-0-6. via ::100%design ::[re]design

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