Simple, Lovely Furniture Is Made from Salvaged NYC Wood

New York City is loved by its residents for the fact that if you can think of you want, you can find it somewhere without leaving the five boroughs. A Brooklyn furniture company has applied that confidence to its materials by collecting used shipping pallets from local businesses and turning them into tables, benches and stools that are simple and gorgeous.

Yorkwood Furniture Co. is a brand-new outfit based in Williamsburg. Its line consists of eight pieces, all of them with the same look: pallet wood with a natural matte finish, on a minimal steel frame. The effect is to emphasize the aesthetics of the materials- quite a feat when one considers that they were likely in an alley a few weeks before.

The prices are reasonable, ranging from $300 for a pair of mini stools to $1,200 for a conference table. Yorkwood also does custom work on request, including what may be the most stylish ladder ever.

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Simple, Lovely Furniture Is Made from Salvaged NYC Wood
Yorkwood Co. is a Brooklyn-based design build firm that works only with materials salvaged from around New York City.

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