The silliest standing desk setup we've ever shown on TreeHugger, complete with high chair

sams standing desk
CC BY 2.0 Sam on Instructables

Standing desks used to be a thing on TreeHugger. A few of us were early adopters; TreeHugger emeritus Chris Tackett even started a website, Standinistas! that we were going to devote to the subject. Then it went the way of clotheslines and vampire power and kind off fell of the TreeHugger radar.

But every so often a standing desk setup catches our eye and really, how could we not comment on Sam's setup presented on Instructables. He has built a silly high chair for his standing desk. I'm not being mean because even he knows it's nuts, with his first line:

I know what you're thinking: Well this is just stupid. A tall chair for a standing desk?? How moronic!

Conceptually it is not moronic; many people can't stand all day. That's why there are drafting stools, adjustable desks or as I prefer, different places to work. But it's not just the chair. He has raised a big old steel office desk on a frame made of two by fours, which is....interesting, and he has retained a chair mat that he built to protect his carpet (another instructables) even though he was now standing. Instead of just removing that and standing on the soft carpet, he installs anti-fatigue rubber mats on the wood chair mat with protects the anti-fatigue carpet. OK I can live with that, you have a few sunk costs here.

But to top it all off, he then decides that standing all the time is hard. So to solve the problem:

I had no desire to build or buy a desk that raises and lowers. Since I already had a comfy office chair that wasn't seeing any use, I decided to just build a tall extension base for it.

Really, with all the work that went into raising the desk and protecting the carpet and raising the chair, and with all the carpentry mad skilz that Sam demonstrates, I think he would have been better off to chop a hole in his floor and drop a section to the right standing desk height and put a hinged lid on it. It might take less lumber.

And really, I am impressed with Sam's ingenuity and craftsmanship. See all of his stuff here.

The silliest standing desk setup we've ever shown on TreeHugger, complete with high chair
It sorta defeats the purpose in about twelve different ways.

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