Seagrass Meditation Chairs by Harmony In Design


We received this tip from a friend the other day who highly recommended these meditation chairs from Harmony In Design. The company, founded in 1985, focuses on products for yoga, meditation and ergonomic living and introduced its furniture line in 2004. We really like the Seagrass Meditation Chairs and Loveseat, which is designed to be stylish and is a great eco-friendly addition to your favorite room. They begin with a mango wood frame (after 20 years the tree stops bearing fruit and can then be harvested for timber) and then renewable seagrass is woven over it. In addition to a sturdy back support, the chairs sit low to the ground, which allows the feet to rest naturally on the floor, or they can be crossed comfortably on the seat in the traditional meditation style. Thanks for the tip, Heidi B.! ::Harmony In Style