Ride Your Bike While You Work With The Kickstand Desk

Dan Young, an avid cyclist, tells Freshwater Cleveland that he was sitting at his desk in Cleveland and thought ‘I can’t stand sitting here; I want to get out and ride."

Since he couldn't get out on his bike he brought the bike in by developing the Kickstand desk that lets him ride all day. The desk has a sliding top to make it easier to get on and off the bike, and is vertically adjustable up to six inches to adapt to different heights. It is surprisingly big at 5' wide by 2'-6" deep, given that you can't exactly move around all that easily.

When people get started with the desk, the fun factor is pretty strong. You are, after all, riding your bike while you're working. Once the wheels start to spin, you'll soon realize that you're not only working your mind on your job, but your working your body. Depending on your level of conditioning, this can prove to be interesting.

The one thing you'll notice is that doing mundane tasks at your desk become much more interesting as your cadence goes up. An hour or so into your ride is when your co-workers will start watch in befuddled amusement as your acumen begins to change. Your first phone call while riding at the desk is always funny.

The real fun will begin when Dan hooks a generator and battery up to it, so that it powers his computer while he works. More at Kickstand Furniture, found by Dave Pinter at PSFK

I do have one concern; that is an awfully narrow seat on a bike where when you are riding, your weight is distributed among your seat, the handlebars and the pedals. Dan is shown sitting straight up, with all the weight on the seat. For some people, (like me), this can lead to problems. I wonder if this is a good thing to be doing long term, particularly since some suggest that When You Sit On A Regular Bike Saddle, You're Sitting On Your Penis.

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Ride Your Bike While You Work With The Kickstand Desk
Some people stand at their desk; now you can ride with a desk designed for serious cyclists.

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