Repurposing Old Tables into New Offices


Two neat things I discovered today: Isabel Quiroga's design of a bookcase made of old tables, called "Storyteller" and an entire website devoted to "good products that are made from re-cycling, re-using, up-cycling,etc." Recyclart writes of the Dutch designer's work:


The tables are sawn in the middle and stacked together. The use of old furniture is not only an environmental cause, she’s also fascinated by the history of this furniture. Through its use and application of each color, each unique design. The design lends itself for various purposes.

Isabel Quiroga
on Recyclart, , found via Unclutterer

They call it Recyclart; I always preferred Charles Jencks' and Nathan Silver's coinage of Adhocism. See a slideshow: Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation

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