Reinier de Jong designs folding chair out of old broom handles

Dutch designer Reinier de Jong is known to TreeHugger for his expanding bookcase; now he turns his hand to a folding chair. It is perhaps inappropriately named STEEL, given that it is made out of wood broom and tool handles.

The designer describes it:

Soil, rain, hands, air, sunlight. Used tool handles show traces of their former use by their patina. Colour and texture depend on how and where the tool was used and depending on the type of wood. New, clean wood becomes visible at the parts where the handles are cut. STEEL is a modest chair reflecting the everyday nature of its original components.

You can also contribute to this chair. Donate your old wooden handles of brooms, rakes, spades, flagpoles etc (28 to 29 mm thick) and have it turned into a chair for yourself. The STEEL chairs are also made with new wooden handles, which are painted white. The natural colour and texture of the wood becomes visible where the handles have been cut, just like with the old handles.

It is another example of Adhocism, " a method of creation relying particularly on resources which are already at hand."

More at Reinier de Jong.

Reinier de Jong designs folding chair out of old broom handles
For some reason, he calls it STEEL but it is made of old (and new) wood.

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