Recycling Broken Skateboard Decks into Furniture


We have shown Le Corbusier recliners and staircases made from skateboard decks, but they have been made from new decks repurposed rather than recycled broken decks. Philadelphia industrial designer Jason Podlaski's brother kept breaking them and Jason was "inspired by the consistent way they were broken, about 75% of them were broken at the truck and 25% were broken in half. The longer, more abundant "broken at the truck" decks seemed to be natural legs for the design and the smaller, less plentiful "broken in half" decks looked like they would make a good seat."

deckstool single photo

"Broken skateboards are a byproduct of our culture usually destined for the landfill. The deckstool recycles this waste into a unique, high quality piece of furniture. The scrapes and scars on the decks create beautiful patterns over the original skateboard artwork. Every deckstool is meticulously built and finished by skilled craftsman in our Pennsylvania factory."

deckstool in action image

We don't see things made from broken stuff very often, and they will even take your own broken deck and turn it into a stool. Neat idea from Deckstool which can be seen this week at Philly Design

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