Recycle This Chair

It may not look like the most exciting chair, but the concept behind it is just what we love at treehugger. It is made out of 100% recycled plastic, recovered from recycled electronic products such as games consoles. Then it is collected and reprocessed under the EU's strict directives. Every chair makes a new home for 2.3kg of used plastic. Not only that, it is stackable, designed for disassembly and easy recycling. And the slats can be repaired piece by piece.

The other chair made by this design company is created from recycled plastic waste, with beech. They also make a sturdy side table from recycled paper core with organic eggshell lacquer finish and bamboo surfaces. All the materials used in the grass coffee table are from grasses, not wood with bamboo veneer. When you’ve finished with it, the furniture is either biodegradable or else can be recycled in standard municipal waste facilities. :: pli design

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