Sleek, Modern Furniture Is Made from Recycled Tomatoes, Car Parts & Clothes

It seems that you can make furniture out of just about anything. We've seen road signs, newspaper and old flour and Metrocards become chairs and tables. Here's a line that might top them all. Re:composed from Springtime makes products from trashed cars, old clothes and agricultural waste, including tomato plants.

Considering what they're working with, the Amsterdam-based "creative force" has created a surprisingly sleek and modern set of pieces. The tables, stools and trays are made with the raw, recycled materials combined with a bio-resin.

The car waste is what's left over and usually thrown away after the vehicles are mostly recycled. Springtime calls it "residual flow" - foam, upholstery, metal and sand. The shredded textiles are obtained from overstocked factories and stores, and from organizations that change uniforms and no longer need the old ones. The agricultural waste used is what's left of plants after their fruits are harvested, like tomato plants that are no longer productive and are replaced by younger versions.

Kudos to Springtime for making furniture that uses materials few would consider useful, and making a product whose luxury belies its origins.

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