Refined and reclaimed plywood furniture by Ivan Christianto

Ivan Christianto
© Ivan Christianto

Plywood is a versatile material which can be cut, moulded or bent to create affordable furniture. Indonesian designer Ivan Christianto uses reclaimed plywood and pine to create this series of distinctive furniture that explores emotional sentiments brought by strolls through the bustling city of Jakarta.

According to Design Milk, Christianto's commode "Bosen," the first of his collection "Mari Bermain Rasa" ("Let's play with feelings") was "inspired by boredom" and is made mostly with materials that he found during his long walks.

We like how the markings of the original plywood were left untouched, giving the piece an overall graphic feel; the sanded edges make it look more refined too.

Ivan Christianto© Ivan Christianto

This simple but stylish bench was created out of thick, salvaged pine and painted steel supports.

Ivan Christianto© Ivan Christianto

Ivan Christianto© Ivan Christianto

Christianto's third piece of the series is called "Taman Bermain" ("Playground") and is something of a whimsical piece that borders on an artistic installation. Says Design Milk:

It was created to represent Christianto’s journey from choosing his home, his workshop, and the places where he sources his material. It had started off as a cabinet, but then turned into an installation furniture through the production process.

Ivan Christianto© Ivan Christianto

Christianto seems to have a knack for transforming plain old things into striking new pieces; check out more over at Trendhunter and his website Ceha Ideatorium.

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