Pratt Presents "Perpetual Motion" Furniture Designs

pratt booth icff photo

Image credit Lloyd Alter

Students from Pratt Institute often steal the show at ICFF; two years ago you couldn't get near their booth, clearly the hit of the show. This year the work was a bit more subtle. The industrial design program partnered with Cappellini, the Italian furniture giant, to "create modern and innovative furniture design prototypes that remain rooted in boldly disruptive ideas, while keeping the dynamism of design moving into the future."

dana oxiles stool

image credit Pratt

Dana Oxiles' Chipboard Stool "attempts to elevate a humble material so that it is read as a chair before being read as sustainable. The chipboard is scored and bent into structural modules that interlock using a minimal amount of glue. The stools, which are finished with an analine dye, make a bold, straightforward statement with honesty, simplicity, and economy."

Elizabeth Joy Wong_Bundle Stool_05.jpg

Elizabeth Joy Wong's Bundle Stool was a surprise. it "plays with the idea of peopleʼs assumptions on how materials should feel. The design breaks the userʼs expectations of the wood being hard and uncomfortable by becoming surprisingly soft and malleable."- there is a block of memory foam underneath the square pegs of wood visible on the top. You can see it in action in this short clip:

Pratt Institute perpetual Motion from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

felt table photo

Image credit pratt

Li-Rong Liao's Folded Felt Table is a result of her thesis experiments with different folding profiles to find a balance between structure and aesthetics. With mathematical formula, Liao is able to apply the folding concept in a large range of design aspects including furniture, fashion, and medical devices. The table is folded in one sheet of cardboard with a layer of felt finishing.

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