Portable picnic table has four seats, unfolds in seconds

Thinkwood Table
Video screen capture Think Woodworks

We love transformer furniture that folds up and goes away when you don't need it, and we now love woodworker Izzy Swan, who designs, builds and then sells plans for his extraordinary designs at Think Woodworks. Watch this video and all hail Izzy:

Izzy's plan business lives and dies on links, and he had a hard couple of days when someone took his video, put it up on their own facebook page and didn't give credit or links. Core77 reports that it all worked out in the end:

In desperation Swan re-released the video above, this time with his watermark on it, and appealed to his Facebook followers for help. They swiftly barraged the offending pages and within an hour, comments to the video were filled with credit and links back to Swan, and the million-plus-views account finally revised their post with Swan's name.

And now Izzy has over a million pageviews and everybody is happy. Build it with plans from Think Woodworks

Portable picnic table has four seats, unfolds in seconds
A 35 second video says it all.

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