Plus Function transformer furniture is full of clever multifunctional ideas

Keep Close desk
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Transformer furniture serves more than one function, letting you do more with less stuff in less space. The logically named Plus Function offers transformers with Swedish style and a bit of humor, not to mention the extra function. They call them "multifunctional products with an edge."

The Keep Close desk has a top that folds down, making your office go away if you work at home, or converting to a meeting table in the office environment. It has cable management and lots of hidden storage for power supplies and external drives.

The Variety Stairs are clever; it starts off as a chair.

and turns into a stepladder. This is not a new idea; Marie Antoinette had one and we have shown others. The designer writes:

After having observed various classical library step chairs/ ladder chairs that could fold out to become a ladder, the idea to design a modern and contemporary version came to me. What had interested me was that many chairs were based around function and not so much around design.

This is a problem that many have tried to solve, what you do when the baby outgrows the crib. The Rocking Duo transforms from a cradle to a pair of rocking chairs.

The designer writes:

This project originated from my study of people's attachments to their personal belongings and of trying to understand how we employ such items to trigger memories of events and stories in our lives. The rocking chairs symbolise a memento of a special time at the beginning of a family's life. Rocking Duo was designed with longevity in mind; when no longer needed as a cradle, it can be separated into a pair of rocking chairs.

At 15,000 kroner (US$ 2300) it better last a long time.

Then there is the Doorobe, which is sort of adoorable. It clips over your existing door and opens up to provide room for clothing and shoes. The designer writes:

I started from my own home and thought how to add things with additional features. A door is often dull and its function is quite simple, so I made the door more interesting for the home or office.

I am not sure about this one, it is going to add a whole lot of weight to the door, and given the way most North American doors are made and hung, would probably pull the hinges right out of the frame. It's not a whole lot of storage for a thousand bucks. But like everything else in this line, it is beautifully made, "built in white painted Scandinavian birch plywood with detailing in ash."

More great stuff at Plus Function.

Plus Function transformer furniture is full of clever multifunctional ideas
Cribs become rockers, chairs become ladders, desks hide your work, a door becomes a wardrobe

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