A Place For Everything In The Tiny Shrine By Sigurd Larsen

There is a lot to like in Berlin architect and designer Sigurd Larsen's little shrine. It is like a house with a lot of rooms in which you store your treasures, particularly if you live in small spaces. In the video, Larsen explains that we need to move closer together, to work with compact spaces, but we still need to have a place to store little things, especially in an open apartment that you share.

Larsen describes it on his website:

The Shrine is a hub of drawers and doors accessible only with keys. Private items can safely be locked away in small spaces. For the very most personal items a secret room can be reached behind one of the drawers. The rooms have been scaled after typical accessories and gadgets. This way jewellery, makeup, records, headphones, an LP player, as well as private papers and your best whisky can inhabit the Shrine. It becomes your most private place in the house.

Watch the lovely video. Found on Architizer, which calls it "All the Private Space You’ll Ever Need, In One Little Box." That might be a stretch for some.

Sigurd Larsen // The Shrine from Dario Natale on Vimeo.

A Place For Everything In The Tiny Shrine By Sigurd Larsen
It's like a little house for all your little stuff. It even has a secret room.

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