Physics Meets Flatpack with Sarah Paculdo's Flat Chair Project

sara paculdo flat chair photo

Industrial Designer Sara Fisher Paculdo has an undergrad degree in physics; she probably needed it to figure this one out.

sara paculdo flat chair pattern photo

It is shipped flatpack, of course; that is why it is here on TreeHugger, we love showing ingenious methods of getting 3D out of a complete sheet of 2D with efficient shipping and very little waste.

sara paculdo flat chair manual photo

The instructions look suitably intimidating and are probably printed on a Mobius Strip, and what is that bottle at the end?

sara paculdo flat chair technology photo

The whole thing is made of "fiberglass infused with water-activated resin (similar to casts and pipe repair kits)"- you spray it with water and it hardens into its final form.

Remarkable stuff from Sara Paculdo at Coroflot, via Ponoko Blog

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