Recycled Wooden Chairs Made from Gym Floors

Inspired by the Olympics, these chairs are called Project Won. The furniture maker, James Henry Austin, has made them out of wood from old gym flooring.

James Henry Austin is a small design company with an environmental ethos. They have a "strong desire to create beautiful, usable and sustainable environments". Each piece of the furniture is handmade, one at a time, using artisanal joinery techniques.

First admired in Inhabitat, Austin has salvaged hardwood floorboards as the material for these new pieces. He has kept the painted lines as part of the design. It's a nod to the Olympics and the furniture's history.

The individual planks are hand sanded, leaving the original sports lines on display and then re-coated with a natural wax oil.

They have purposely been left to look rough and slightly unfinished, with a rather traditional look rather than slick and ultra-modern.

Recycled Wooden Chairs Made from Gym Floors
These tables and chairs are made from old gym flooring, complete with the boundary lines.

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