One Good Chair Competition: Help Pick the People's Choice

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Andrej Blazon, Charity Chair

The One Good Chair Competition challenged designers to "design an original chair that embodies and enhances a particular place." Its criteria are a reflection of changes in green design; it goes way beyond just making something out of bamboo. Designers were asked to "demonstrate visually and verbally how your design springs from local conditions:

  • Identity of place
  • Regional ecology
  • Indigenous materials
  • Conservation of resources through form
  • Culturally determined notions of comfort
  • Social history"

And TreeHugger readers have been asked to help pick the people's choice winner. Over the next three days we will show the judges' top three picks and on Monday we will run a poll to select the favorite. First up: Andrej Blazon's Charity Chair.

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The CHARITY CHAIR is premised on the value of local production thus enabling people across the globe to produce it sustainably. It is inspired by the cornette worn by the Daughters of Charity order as sustainability as an idea is very present in cloisters dictating their clothing design. (and also by Escher's designs)

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The lounge chair is conceived in such a way that the fabrication can be extremely low-tech, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Use of recycled/recyclable materials can be applied to conserve earths resources. In fact production with any flexible material with sufficient rigidity is possible, ranging from hard rubber, plastic to metal sheets. This is because the rigidity of the structure is achieved by the curvature of the surface. This means the transport expenses can be cut because the chair can be produced from a material that is locally available.

one good chair competition blazon white collage photo

The chair consists of a single flat rectangular sheet of material curved to the final form locked to position with means of cut-in slits/flaps so no hardware is needed. Intrinsic tension (result of twisting into the final shape) keeps it in place. This developable surface unfolds to its original flat sheet resulting in negligible storage/transport space.

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More information at One Good Chair

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