No more sitting around playing with your phone; This designer makes you work.

Passive Behaviours designs
© Benoît Malta via Dezeen

Decades ago there was a study that demonstrated that people who got the newfangled extension telephones gained an average of five pounds; people didn't have to run as much to get the phone and weren't burning the calories. Now with Wink and Peq and Hue and Aros you never need to get out of your chair to turn on a light or adjust the air conditioner. Forget about the suburbs making you fat; the robots have turned and all these smart home devices are conspiring to kill us by inactivity.

French industrial designer Benoît Malta provides the answer to the problem. Forget turning on your light with your phone; with his Passive Behaviors designs, you not only have to get up to turn on the light, it goes off after a while and you have to get up and turn it on again. He tells Dezeen:

vidéo lampe fini from Benoît Malta on Vimeo.

Inactivity seems to be the disease of today. Our ways of living have evolved, and our bodies are less and less active. Our living spaces are conceived with the idea of comfort. My aim was to introduce a 'bearable discomfort' for our wellbeing – discomfort used to put the body in motion and thus out of its chronic stationary postures.

The collection also includes shelves that are modelled after climbing holds so that you have to really stretch to reach the things on them. "I decided to work on different typical situations at home in which it would be interesting to insert physical activity."

I am not too certain about the two-legged chair. That seems too much like work.

Its structure built on only two feet allows to stimulate different parts of the body through a passive situation. This bearable discomfort permits to adopt the best posture on the chair.

Inactivité - Chaise - 2014 from Benoît Malta on Vimeo.

Malta is really on to something here. It seems that every new smart home app and gadget lets us get away with doing less when we should be doing more. The smart home, like the extension phone and the TV remote before it, might kill us all.

Malta's designs would work well with this furniture:

No, Sweat! furniture combines workspace with workout

Home Fitness© Lucie Koldova
Everyday Furniture Transforms Into Home Gym

Your Living Room Furniture Becomes A Home Gym wIth Panorama

No more sitting around playing with your phone; This designer makes you work.
The smart home may well kill us all through inactivity; Benoît Malta has a better idea.

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