My Favourite Stories of 2011: March

eames furnitureLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

In March I had the great privilege of being invited to tour Herman Miller factories in Holland, Michigan. For two days I watched furniture being made, talked to designers, builders and thinkers about design. I did a slideshow at the factory where they make the famous Eames lounger, Interviewed Ginny Baxter of the Applied Knowledge team that is thinking about the future of the office in What Is The Future Of The Office? Can Boomers and Millenials Mix?, had a lot of fun in their wonderful archives; see LifeEdited Circa 1945: George Nelson's Storage Wall for Life Magazine and researched a bit of history of standing desks. Back in 1968 designer Bob Propst was telling us to get out of our chairs:

Man's physical machine has evolved to do many things well but no single thing continuously...Proportioning some of our work to standup work stations would do more than anything else to overcome sedentary decline. The office can be a kinetic, active, alert vigorous environment.

More in The Standing Desk: Why Hasn't It Caught On?

herman miller greenhouse interior photo

I also toured William McDonough's Greenhouse factory, which Generates 15 Pounds of Landfill Waste Per Month

Having been in Holland, I wrote a post about their coal-fired heated sidewalks that did not go down well with commenters, who called me more names than I can list here. My post on knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing did not go down well either, with a commenter saying ". You need treatment. Perhaps a massage."

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My Favourite Stories of 2011: March
Where I was preoccupied with everything Herman Miller after a tour of their factories

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