Multi-Purpose Folding Screen Doubles as Library, Rack, Mirror and Ironing Board

The diecut screen adapted to work as library, rack and ironing board. Image© Leonardo Fortunato

In an attempt to re-think the original function of the folding screen, Argentine designer Leonardo Fortunato created the Diecut Screen multi-purpose piece.

The design is based on a vertical module which is cut with different shapes to adopt functions. On the first, rectangular boards become shelves with adaptable heights for a library; on the second, a smaller part functions as hanger on both front and back sides of the screen; and on the third, a larger rectangle is a mirror to one side and an ironing board to the other. All removable parts are attached through magnetized tape in their borders.

Scheme showing the screen modules. Image© Leonardo Fortunato

Pivoting wheels and hinges that can be set to function on both sides of the modules give the screen more flexibility to adapt to the user's needs.

Developed with 25 mm melamine plaques and cut with a CNC Router, the object was one of eight winners in a design contest organized by Masisa Argentina. According to the designer, it is thought to ship as flat pack and be assembled by the user.

A good idea which would be a nice addition to any small apartment.

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