Modern Dining Room Chair is Stackable and Eco-friendly


Check out this sleek, modern dining room chair by Welsh super-designer Ross Lovegrove. Lovegrove is no stranger to these pages, as he's been mentioned on Treehugger for his varied design accomplishments, including his Bamboo Bike, Ceramic Razor and Solar-Powered Wallpaper. But we've never featured one of his stunning chairs...until now.

A Modern Dining Room Chair That is Stackable Too!

The Orbit Chair, as it is called, is a modern stackable dining room chair made of bent plywood (which we've sung the praises of more than once) that's about as mod as they come. The classic modern design isn't all about looks, though: the wide top "hugs" your back, and the bend in the spine makes it flexible and comfy. The environmentally-friendly chair has been certified by Greenguard, which tests and certifies products that have low levels of chemical and particulate emissions.More on this Modern, Stackable Dining Room Chair
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