Minimalistic Collapsable, Hanging Bookshelf Made with Recovered 35 mm Film

Lateral view of the shelf PhotoVU35/Promo image

A perfect fit for small homes or urban renters always on the move, this insanely cute bookshelf is the work of two well known designers from the Buenos Aires scene.

Baumm’s Lucas Desimone and Laboratori’s Matias Resich combined their recycling-materials and carpentry skills to create new brand VU35, which will focus in creating products from wood and recycled movie film, a plastic material difficult to dispose.

Detail of the recovered film PhotoVU35/Promo image

Close up at the union between wood and film PhotoVU35/Promo image

Filmantes is the first result of the collaboration. It’s a hanging bookshelf which is also collapsable, given the flexibility of the film.

The discarded material comes from a previous collaboration with movie distributors Desimone had going, and the wood comes from Laboratori’s workshop. Even though they tried to use recovered wood, the film needed to be in perfect tension to support the weight so they needed a type that wouldn’t bend or modify with time and which could provide a perfect fit.

Scheme showing the bookshelf collapsing. ImageVU35/Promo image

Now selling for 370 pesos (about 85 US Dollars), the shelf is also a neat idea for a DIY project, if you have the carpentry skills. Find it through

Front view of the bookshelf PhotoVU35/Promo image

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