Meyer|Wells: Furniture with Modern Roots


After working together in the early stages of the rediscovered wood movement, master craftsman Seth Meyer and acclaimed designer John Wells joined forces to launch Meyer Wells in 2006 (you may remember Wells from the work he did for Urban Hardwoods, featured here in TreeHugger. Continuing in a similar vein, the duo works to salvage and reclaim urban trees that are removed after storm damage, for development, or would otherwise be burned or discarded. Sourced from the Northwest region and mainly from Seattle parks and neighborhoods, the pair work to highlight the unique story recorded in an urban trees' life; "inspired by the innate character and flaws imparted through time, (they) carefully select, mill and dry the lumber from local trees to highlight the features that only nature can create." The resulting furniture combines the striking, unique beauty of the natural wood with modern forms to create really functional art; the wide variety of materials they source allows each piece to be really thoughtful, inspired by whatever new material they're using. They retail a line of furniture, but also do custom residential and commercial work -- contact them through their website for more info. The "Nara" coffee table is pictured above; after the jump: more pictures of their beautiful work, along with some "action photos" of how and where they get their wood. ::Meyer|Wells via


"Abbey" coffee table


"Axis" coffee table


An unsafe, downed tree is perfect fodder for new materials.


"This Silver Maple lived a long and well-appreciated life in the military residential area of Seattleā€™s Discovery park. A large branch broke off the tree after a storm and rot made the tree unsafe."

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