MELLO Bamboo Stool by Ekobo

Mello bamboo stool by Ekobo PHOTO

You probably came across some of Ekobo's elegant and colourful kitchen accessories made from bamboo. If you like their work, which incorporates ethical production and eco-friendly materials, check out the MELLO stools. Glossy, minimalist and funky looking, the bamboo poufs are stackable, come in two sizes and the many bright colours that are typical for Ekobo products.
Why bamboo?

Ekobo like to work with this "wonder grass" because it is a fast growing renewable plant that "recycles a huge quantity of CO2 (12 tons/hectare) and produces 35% more oxygen than a tree in the same environment". Other reasons for them to work with bamboo apart from ecology are aesthetics and ethics. The Mello stool, as well as the other products by Ekobo, is produced in Vietnam where Ekobo assures fair and exemplary working conditions. Matteria, where the Mello stool is available, explains the production process for these hand-crafted stools:

Circular forms are made from an ancient technique called spun bamboo. Bamboo columns are cut lengthwise with a machete into fine strips. The strips are then coiled into a spiral around a mould. A glue made from the bread tree and bamboo sawdust is used to assemble the strips. Using its natural form, tubular products are cut horizontally from a bamboo column. Each object is then sanded, polished, and hand-painted, before being wrapped in recycled packaging.

So these cute stackable seats are made from 100% bamboo and a binder made of organic clay, bamboo powder and breadtree glue, and finished of with a lead-free lacquer. Both Mello (60 x 30 cm) and Mini Mello (34 x 12 cm) are available at Matteria for 180€ and 60€. See the Ekobo web site for other retailers. Via ::Matteria ::Ekobo
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