Maya Obrist's DIY paper chair

We could not find more about that designer student than what could be found on the "meuble 21" 2003 contest webpage, hosted by the famous Athenaum architecture and design school, in Lausanne (Switzerland). But the idea that gave her the prestigious "mention" award is good enough to be of interest to most treehuggers : a paper chair, easy and quick to assembly, requiring no more than old newspapers. Principle is most simple : compress and roll your oldest papers and assemble them following the easy construction method illustrated. No doubt that the structural design of this very cheap compressed paper stool will be strong enough to support one or two friends at tea time.

Readers, if you've heard of other good ideas from Maya Obrist or if someone has a web page about her please notify ! ::"meuble 21" 2003 contest [Erwan Pianezza, Locronan, Brittany]