Mass Customization: Design Your Table on Your Cell Phone

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TreeHugger readers don't appear to share my fascination with mass customization, the idea that you can order exactly what YOU want, made to your specifications, instead of having to take what Mr. Big Box offers. One recent extreme example was [me]&gogi; cereal, which most commenters considered un-TreeHugger. They might say the same about M-Shape's custom table that you can build on your Nokia cell phone. Why would one want to do such a thing?

m-shape carving photo

In the case of M-Shape, the answer appears to be "because we can." They call it a:

PARAMETRIC DESIGN PROJECT which EMPOWERS PEOPLE to affect the SHAPE of a design object.

mTABLE is the first mSHAPE product. It ENABLES PEOPLE to create THEIR OWN TABLE using a mobile phone. The mTABLE is designed by SCULPTING a surface, choosing dimensions, materials and colours. These PARAMETERS are directly transmitted to the computer controlled production facility for the manufacturing of the CUSTOM DESIGNED mTABLE.

They offer downloadable software for your phone or your PC so that you can create your own table, to your specifications. Some are quite beautiful, and wonderfully presented:

m-shape-orange table photo

If you see one you like, you can download the data and modify it to your taste.

mshape desk photo

Now before you comment "this is silly, why would I want to custom design a pile of useless holes in my desk?" One has to think of where this technology might take us- the ability to order up a 3D-print out the desk you need at the size, height, and material of your choice, without the drive to IKEA, without the cost of carrying inventory other than basic materials, and with or without holes. From your phone. M-Shape via Design Boom
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