Mareike Gast's Flower Chair - Read, Fold, Dip and Sit


In the aftermath of the recycled content debacle of Vanity Fair and ELLE magazines' 'green issues' are any of you feeling a bit guilty about your glossy magazine habit? Co-Op America recently featured an interesting article about other magazines who use recyled content in every issue. We might be more aware of the environmental impact of the magazine industry, but will it stop us buying magazines? There are so many online magazines these days, such as our good selves, that some people think they will soon eclipse the physical format. However, while flicking through the web is gratifying for the sheer amount of information, it's not quite the same as flicking through a glossy now is it? For those of us who can't quite kick our magazine habit Mareike Gast, she of the Refugee Radio, has created a new afterlife for our magazines with her Flower Chair. She even kindly provides a step by step guide of how to make one. Simple to make, but with a decorative and detailed finish, this is recycling as an art form. Mareike says, "Making objects by oneself increases the personal value of those objects. This is a concept to turn read magazines, which usually pile up, into useful seating objects. Very easy, fast and cheap, everybody can create his own landscape." We particularly like the way she has unified the top of the seat by dipping the top of each magazine in coloured laquer which also serves to strengthen the structure. It is such a simple idea, but very effective when all the folded magazines are placed together. So it's time to free some of your magazine collection from your bulging bookshelves and sit on them instead! While Gast's Flower Chair looks good, it doesn't look very comfy, maybe it's more of an installation piece. However, we should get off our arses to make one and try it out before passing judgement. via: Moco Loco. ::Mareike Gast