Manta Birostis Lounge Chair: Damien Melotte's Ode to Coral


As we've noted several times before, coral reefs are extremely vulnerable to climate change; while this is certainly bad news for the corals themselves, it doesn't bode well for those plants and animals who need them to live either. Inspired by the form and graceful underwater gliding of the coral-dwelling Manta Birostis, or Giant Manta Ray, designer Damien Melotte created the Manta Birostis lounge chair as a way to both raise awareness about and lament the slow destruction caused by bleaching corals. The chair is built on FSC-certified wood legs and upholstered with a combination of a recycled plastic shell and biodegradable latex rubber, and disassembles for more efficient delivery. As the chair of his local chapter of the o2 Global Network (o2 Australia), he also has some good things to say about design.Says Melotte, "I create forms with a deep organic resonance because I want to demonstrate the importance of our symbiotic relationship with the earth. I believe in living a sustainable future today and giving consumers the choice to do the same. It is up to designers to engage the urgency for sustainable living with all the creativity, ingenuity, imagination and zest that we have used to design products in the past that have utilised resources irresponsibly." He designs for Ecoresonance, the "meeting place of technology, natural systems and the self", which has a lot of interesting projects going related to sustainability. Learn more about what they're up to around the globe at their website, and dig deeper into their green design efforts here. ::Ecoresonance's EcoDesign