Geometric Round + Round flat pack bench is made from salvaged wood

Louis Lim
© Louis Lim

Easy to transport, store, assemble and being more material-efficient, flat pack designs have a greener edge than traditional furniture. Cooper Union design student Louis Lim takes the flat pack design approach with his wooden Round + Round bench, which he created using wood salvaged from around New York City.

Louis Lim© Louis Lim

Tantalizingly balanced on a razor-thin edge, Lim's design first looks like a semi-circle, inviting people to come sit down.

Louis Lim© Louis Lim

Upon closer inspection, the bench conceals a cleverly hidden storage component, which slides out to reveal a semi-circular drawer with a triangular profile, thus completing the circle.

Check out how this triangular face is also made up of smaller triangles, arranged to show off the wood grain patterning -- a nice touch.

Louis Lim© Louis Lim
Louis Lim© Louis Lim

Coming in six pieces which can be shipped flat, this is a neat and functional design, fitting in with the rest of Lim's modernist geometric explorations. To see more, check out Louis Lim's website.

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