London Design Festival: Chairs Galore

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We can't leave the London Design Festival behind until we have a survey of some of the wild and wacky chairs that people have created. Designing a comfortable and good looking chair is much harder than it looks and is a mark of a good designer. Then there are the other kind of chairs that are fun, or are trying out a concept, or just plain silly. And there were lots of those.

Niels Schuurmans' Balloon Furniture was one example of whimsy taken to the extreme. He puts the balloons inside a tubular fibre braid and hardens the fibre with epoxy resin. Each balloon goes inside a piece of braided fibre 'tube' separately. The furniture is made by twisting the ‘wet’ balloons together into a certain form before the resin hardens. You can sit on them; they are not very comfy, but they would be colourful and witty outside on a balcony or deck.

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These low stools, made of recyclable polyethylene are more serious. They are made of one flat sheet and the inserts are made out of the off-cuts. They use foam as the structural part. They are quite bouncy and fun to sit on because they mould to the body.

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The pencil bench is just that: 1600 pencils which are individually spring mounted into a wooden bench. Each pencil can be removed and used and they come sharpened already. This one we did not sit on, even though we were welcomed to do so....

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The bathtub chair speaks for itself: this really does take recycling to the limit; a reject bathtub is turned into a functional piece of furniture.

PLANK chair italy photo

The Plank is a cantilevered chair made of plastic that is recyclable. It comes in a range of bright and beautiful colours, and can be stacked for storing. It is good for indoors and out. :: London Design Festival
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