Linea crib transforms into bed & sofa as baby grows into adolescence

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Selecting the right furniture or clothing for children is almost a bit of a futile pursuit, as they will eventually grow out of it in a year or two. That can translate to a either a lot of discarded items or a lot of hand-me-downs (which works only if your family and friends are open to reusing things). One good solution is to get furniture that can be adapted and transformed as the child grows, something that we've seen designers explore as a way to extend the lifespan of furniture.

Danish company Leander is offering this long-term flexibility with its adaptable Linea Cot, which starts out as a baby crib, with conveniently sloped slides, presumably to prevent the alarming event of when baby climbs out (trust me, it happens). It's made out of solid oak, and features a height-adjustable base that can be moved up and down as the child grows.

Leander© Leander
Leander© Leander

When baby becomes a toddler, the crib can be modified to become a toddler bed by removing one of the sides.

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When toddler becomes a big kid, the toddler bed can be dressed down and used as a couch or daybed, suitable even for discerning teenagers or adults. The cot is made to match with the rest of the Linea collection, which includes a changing table and dresser.

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The company offers a variety of different cushions and colours that will help change the look of the furnishings as the years go on. That's the beauty of designing for adaptability, whether it's for kids or grown-ups: things transform to grow with the user, meaning they are designed to last longer, and when multiple functions are incorporated in the design, it eliminates the need for more furniture, meaning more space is gained -- generally, an advantage for most people. No word on the price, but you can find out more over at Leander.

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